I’ve been a fan of Louisville City FC since they came to Louisville back in 2015. Not only are they known for winning, they’ve also racked up a huge amount of support with thousands of loyal fans. This past Saturday marked the beginning of the new season with a home game against Saint Louis FC, one of their biggest rivals.




Luckily, I got hooked up with a last minute ticket from a friend who ended up having an extra. The seats were great, the weather on Saturday was beautiful, and the beer was expensive but it was still a great game. The final score however ended in a 0-0 tie but both teams played well and kept the fans going.


LCFC is a member of the United Soccer League, now sanctioned Division 2 by U.S. Soccer, only one level below Major League Soccer. The USL includes 32 teams across the country, some of them independent and others acting as close affiliates with MLS clubs.




All of the home games are played at Louisville Slugger Field which most people know is where the Louisville River Bats baseball team plays. Once soccer season starts, before the games, sod is laid over the dirt portions of the baseball field and lines are painted in the grass to turn it into a soccer field. If you ever stay for a few minutes after the game is over, you’ll even see the grounds keepers come out and start rolling up the sod so that it’s turned back into a baseball field for the Bats. A lot of work goes into having a professional soccer team in your city.




Depending on where you want to sit, with there being very few “bad stops” in the stadium, tickets are anywhere from $12-$30. No matter how much you pay, the games are definitely worth checking out and are fun for the whole family.


This season, LCFC has a total of 16 home games, with the first one being this past Saturday. The games go until October, so there are tons of opportunities to watch them play. The next home game is on April 15th against the Tampa Bay Rowdies at 7:30pm. Get the family or some friends together and check them out!