I’ve never been one to go on a real vacation during spring break because I’d much rather stay at home, work extra hours, and save up extra money. Not only that but the thought of being on a beach surrounded by idiot drunk people is just not appealing to me. In fact, it never has been. Even in high school, I never even asked my parents if I could go places like Panama City Beach because it’s just not my scene and I’m not a spoiled brat that uses mommy and daddy’s money.


This year however, I had plans to make a couple of short road trips to hit some new hiking trails. That’s my kind of scene. I requested off work probably a month ago and was able to get off for 6 whole days. I was so excited until the day before my 6 days started when I got sick. I ended up getting laryngitis and was sick all 6 days. My plans completely fell through and I wasn’t able to go anywhere.


I was severely bummed but also glad I got sick when I did so that I wasn’t missing any classes or work. I just laid in bed and watched a ton of weird documentaries on Netflix and I got through about 4 seasons of How I Met Your Mother. I haven’t been that much of a bum in a very long time and it honestly felt pretty good to have a staycation and relax. I’m definitely fully caught up on sleep.


Once my 6 days were up and my voice was slowly starting to come back, work started back up again and it was back to reality. I ended up working 40 hours in 3 days just so I could get caught back up on my work and I definitely made up for those days off.


Even though I didn’t get to go anywhere or really do anything, I still needed the break from school and work. I don’t regret not going to places like PCB or Fort Lauderdale like everyone else, where you need a penicillin shot after jumping in one of the pools. I’m glad I got a nice little staycation filled with minimal talking and tons of relaxation.