Hiking is something that I’ve always loved to do and with the recent warm weather we’ve been having, I’ve had the chance to do quite a bit of it. My go to hiking spot is Berheim Arboretum and Research Forest because they have a lot of different trails of various distances and difficulty.


Although Berheim is my favorite, I recently decided to go somewhere new and went to Charlestown State Park in Indiana, only about 35 minutes away from downtown Louisville. I had come across an article on Facebook that listed some of the best hiking spots near Louisville and Charlestown had some great reviews.




After reading the article on Facebook, there were 2 trails that I knew I needed to check out and they were trails #3 and #6. There are 6 trails total inside of the park and these 2 seemed to be the ones that everyone recommended. Both are just over 2 miles and are considered “Rugged” which is the highest difficulty at the park. You’ll be out of breath at some points, but both could be easily handled by just about anyone.


Trail #6 was recommended because it runs along the Ohio River with what people said were “stunning” views. I’d have to disagree. Yes, you can see the river but unless you walk off of the trail and into the trees, your view will be blocked by said trees. However, it was still a great hike with a couple of bridges that crossed over a thin creak and a small waterfall. I also think that just being within the woods and trees is a beautiful enough view for me.




Trail #3 was the coolest trail that I’ve ever been on because it has a little secret gem. While on this trail, you’ll come across a large metal bridge. On the other side of that bridge is Rose Island where the remains of the Rose Island amusement park still lay abandoned.


Rose Island was built in the 1920’s but was destroyed and abandoned during the 1937 flood. There isn’t a whole lot left to look at but there are various signs and markers that depict where things were and how high the water got. You can stand directly where the Rose Island Hotel once stood and see bricks still scattered around. The most intact artifact was the pool. On the far right side of this photo, you can see the blue marker that shows how high the water was, the pool was at a higher elevation than anything else which is why it doesn’t seem as though it got that high. However, for example at the hotel, the water would have been several feet above your head.




Charlestown State Park is definitely a destination I would recommend for anyone to check out, not just those that love to hike. There are playgrounds and camping grounds along with a boat ramp on the Ohio River. Hiking has become my new favorite hobby and I can’t wait to check out more trails.



Always take the road less traveled.