When I’m writing my blog posts, I’m typically right in the middle of what I’m writing about. I was making that delicious chicken tortilla soup as I wrote about it, and I was babysitting for the last post I made about my “side job”. Well, I’m at it again but tonight I’m watching my older cousins daughter whom I refer to as my niece.


My cousin and I have been extremely close ever since I can remember. She’s 8 years older than me and we’ve always called each other “sis”. She’s like my cousin/best friend/older sister/closest confidant. On August 13th 2015, she and her husband welcomed the most beautiful baby girl into the world, Lylabug.




Obviously her name isn’t really Lylabug, it’s Lyla, that’s just what I call her and no one else is allowed to. This baby, I swear, is the best baby in the world. I wish I could claim her as my own, but I’ll settle for being her favorite pseudo aunt/actual cousin.




Not only is she clearly the most beautiful girl, she’s also so incredibly smart. She just turned 18 months last week and she also started school. She now goes to Kindercare during the day which is a daycare that also teaches the kids instead of just watching them. On her first day, the teachers and aids couldn’t get over how well she speaks, how brave and playful she was with the other kids, and how she just seemed to be immediately comfortable with everyone around her. She’s the type of baby that doesn’t know a stranger and is not shy at all.




I get to see Lyla more than anyone besides her parents and she gets so excited to see me which gets me just as excited as her. I’ve also evolved from “Aunt Sass” which is what her mom taught her, to a full “Aunt Catherine”. I’m not even kidding, she very clearly says Catherine but now calls me Cat since she can differentiate between me and the actual animal.




This crazy little girl is such a bright little light that can put a smile on anyone’s face, hence why I added so many images. She’s hilarious, smart, beautiful, and just an all around amazing little girl. I can’t wait to watch her grow up and be the aunt that teaches her all the things her mom doesn’t want her to know.