I fully admit and am proud to be a cat mom. If you know me, you know about Henry, my rambunctious, snuggly, dog-like, orange tabby cat. He is the coolest and most handsome cat in the world but he acts so much like a dog, anyone who has met him is usually baffled as soon as they meet him.




When friends come over for the first time, they are always caught off guard when Henry greets them by hopping up, putting his front paws on their leg and asking for them to pet him by putting his head on their hand. Other friends who come over more frequently already know it’s going to happen and are ready for it when I open the door. Everyone who has met him is shocked that he’s not like most cats who hide from people and may act skittish. Not Henry, he really doesn’t know a stranger and loves getting attention from any one that will give it to him.




Not only is he the friendliest cat you’ll ever meet, even when I’m the only one home with him, he still acts like a dog about 75% of the time. He uses a litter box, sleeps a lot, and snuggles like a cat but being friendly isn’t the only thing he does.

He will try to eat, literally, anything right out of my hand. We play fetch with his toys for about an hour multiple times a day. He loves riding in the car. I have to buy him small dog toys sometimes because he doesn’t like the sissy cat toys with ribbons and feathers. . .   He eats them.  Water is just another thing to play with, although bathes are still a no go. Other cats and dogs are new best friends to him. He’s an indoor cat but loves to go outside just to hang out on the deck and I don’t even have to worry about him running off. And belly rubs are his favorite.

His dog-like quirks just make me adore him more.


Henry2 (2).JPG


That little loaf of bread right there is like having the best of both worlds. I have a cat that is friendly and playful like a dog but still loves to snuggle and be lazy like a cat. Every night, as soon as I turn my lamp off, he knows it’s time for bed and will assume his position under the covers as my little spoon. My not exaggerating, I’m a side sleeper and he will fully stretch out against me and wait to get loved on. I knew there was something about him the day I adopted him when he was the first kitten I looked at and  just knew he was the one I wanted. I consider myself lucky to be a dog-cat mom.

And remember, always adopt, don’t shop!